While practicing good hygiene such as washing hands frequently and avoiding people who are sneezing and coughing may prevent New Yorkers from coming down with the flu during fall and winter (peak flu season), keeping the immune system in optimal condition is probably the best way to counteract viral infections. Responsible for eliminating harmful pathogens that infiltrate the body primarily through the respiratory system, the immune system immediately dispatches white blood cells called leukocytes upon detecting inflammation or pathogens that disturb the body's homeostasis. These "killer" cells are able to effectively engulf and destroy harmful microorganisms when the immune system is functioning normally and prevent people from constantly suffering illnesses.

Kratom Reviews

Because influenza viruses are more prevalent and potent during the flu season in New York, residents of the Empire State are discovering the benefits of taking daily supplements of Kratom in order to keep the immune system healthy and alert to any pathogens that may slip into the body. A tree native to southeast Asia and neighboring countries, Kratom has been providing people indigenous to this area of the world with beneficial alkaloids and antioxidants for centuries. Drunk as a tea or consumed as chewable leaves in Asia, Kratom is now available in the U.S. in capsules containing different amounts of leaf extracts to provide relief for numerous health conditions. For New Yorkers who dread fall and winter because of the fear of becoming seriously ill with the flu, Kratom is proving to be just what their immune system needs to remain robust enough to effectively fight off influenza viruses.

Kratom further enhances immune system functioning by infusing it with natural alkaloids and antioxidants, especially an antioxidant called epicatechin. This powerful antioxidant may not only reduce the risk of suffering the debilitating symptoms of the flu but seems to also contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system. In addition, the epicatechin in Kratom appears to imitate the chemical actions of insulin, which may lower the risk of diabetes in individuals who are genetically susceptible to diabetes or are overweight and thus prone to glucose dysregulation.

Even if you happen to catch the flu, Kratom can improve symptoms and may shorten the extended recovery time associated with the flu. Southeast Asians also use Kratom leaves to relieve diarrhea, suppress chronic coughing, alleviate fever and fight the general systemic inflammation caused by influenza. Furthermore, clinical research into the medicinal properties of Kratom has found that leaf extracts contain nearly 25 times the amount of antioxidant and antiviral properties that green tea contains. For New York residents, Kratom may be just what the "doctor" ordered.


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